Competitors must read and abide by  the Festival Rules, otherwise disqualification could result.

1.      General enquiries can be sent via the website ‘Contact’ page, or emailed or posted to the Hon. Chairman, Rosalind Willoughby, with a stamped addressed envelope enclosed where necessary.
2.      Entries can be submitted and paid for directly via PayPal on the website or posted on the official entry form accompanied by the appropriate fee. This must be posted to Mrs Rosalind Willoughby, 26 Windsor Park, Kingswood, Hull, HU7 3AA.  Please make cheques payable to the Hornsea Music Festival.  Receipts for entry fees will not be issued unless a stamped, addressed envelope is enclosed with the entry.  ENTRIES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 28th APRIL 2019.
3       The Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse to accept any entries.
4       The Festival Committee reserves the right to split classes e.g. if the number of entries is very high and/or the venue cannot accommodate them all.
5.      Fees are not returnable unless the class is cancelled by the Festival Committee which reserves the right to cancel any class.
6.      Ages, for class entry purposes, where applicable, should be calculated as at the last day of August this current year. In classes where ages are specified, younger competitors may be accepted at the discretion of the committee (e.g. in duet classes).
7.      Competitors may bring their own Piano accompanists, but official accompanists will be available to competitors WHO HAVE ASKED FOR THEIR SERVICES ON THEIR ENTRY FORMS.  A non returnable fee of £4 is required to secure their services. This is per person/group for the whole Festival for competitors of 12 years and over.
8.      Where the services of an official accompanist has been requested on the entry form, this service must be utilised unless a minimum of one week’s notice is given. 
10.    Repeats are optional unless specified in the Syllabus. "Da Capo's" should always be observed.
11.    The Festival is bound by Copyright law and therefore cannot allow photography, tape or video
recording, all of which are absolutely forbidden during performances or adjudication.
12.       First and Second place certificates will be awarded in every class. A 3rd place certificate may also be awarded in larger classes.  Certificates of Merit will be awarded to other competitors obtaining 81 marks and upwards. Competitors who are unable to claim their Certificates or Adjudicator's Reports at the time may arrange with the Adjudication Centre Clerk to have them forwarded by post. The appropriate Postage Fee must be paid at the time of request.
13.    The Festival Committee reserves the right to withhold any Trophy if, in the opinion of the Adjudicator, the standard of performance is not sufficiently high.  To qualify for a trophy a minimum of 81 marks (Merit) is required.
14.    The responsibility of arranging and meeting the cost of engraving their name on the Trophy rests with the competitor.
15.    Trophy Winners will be asked to sign an undertaking to return their Trophies to the Hon. Trophies Secretary not less than 6 WEEKS before the next Festival.
16.    The Hornsea Music Festival is intended for amateur competitors, but professional musicians who have been bona fide members of amateur groups for not less than 6 months before the Festival may compete as members of such amateur groups.
17.      The Festival is open to amateurs only. For this purpose Amateur is defined as follows: "any person whose principal means of livelihood is obtained from non-performing or teaching work in the discipline involved; even if he or she, from time to time, accepts a fee, stipend or honorarium for musical services rendered. Every entrant under the age of 18 years will be considered amateur." This rule does not apply to conductors. -     British Federation of Festivals Section 2 page 15.
18.    Ensemble classes to play without a conductor. (This does not apply to classes for 11 years and under.)
19.     Primary School Orchestra/Band classes: may play with a conductor.  They may be accompanied by a piano played by an adult or a child, but this must be for support only and not an integral part of the orchestra/band.  The adjudicator will take this into account.
20.     Competitors who fail to comply with any of the relevant rules of the Festival or with the directions of the Marshals and Stewards, may be disqualified by the Festival Committee.  Any Competitors who deliberately enter false particulars on Entry Forms will also be liable for disqualification.
21.     The decision of the Festival Committee on all questions or disputes arising out of, or not provided for by these rules shall be final. The Festival Committee will not discuss either verbally or by correspondence any Adjudicator's decisions or awards unless such decisions or awards contravene a Festival Rule.

Rules relating to “own choice” music.

1.        Competitors who require an official accompanist must also send a copy of the selected piece to the Chairman not later than 1st June the current year. If it is not received by then, the official accompanist will not be available.  NO REMINDERS WILL BE SENT.
2.        Competitors MUST provide a copy of the selected piece for the Adjudicator. This copy, which must be clearly marked with the Name and Address of the competitor, and the Number and Title of  the class entered, should be handed to the Adjudicator’s Steward by the competitor at the appropriate Adjudication Session.
3.        Where a performer requires the services of the official accompanist they must provide an original copy of the work for practice - a photocopy will not be accepted.  The performer and accompanist must have original copies of the work for the performance in the Festival.
4.        Competitors who are playing their own arrangements of published  music must have obtained permission for the making and playing of any such  pieces, before submitting the entry.
5.        Competitors must ensure that pieces chosen adhere to the Time  Limits specified in the Syllabus. Failure to observe this rule will mean that the performance will still be adjudicated but not marked.