Hornsea Music Festival Entry Forms

Please select the type of form applicable to you.
It may be necessary for you to fill out more than one form if you need to enter more than one type.

The festival rules can be found here.


This year the festival will take place on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of July.


Privacy Policy

Any information or data sent to us through these entry forms, or by other means (email, 'contact us', physical entry form, or by phone) will under no circumstances be given to third parties. The data (addresses, names, phone numbers etc) are used solely by the Hornsea Music Festival to make sure the whole event runs smoothly, and that each entrant receives the necessary notifications and entry tickets.


As the Music Federation, to which the Hornsea Music Festival belongs, disallows unofficial photography during the festival, we enlisted our own official photographer who will take photos during the event. If you don't want yourself or your child / pupil to be in these photographs, please make it clear to the photographer on the day.



Entry Form for Individuals

Use this form if you are entering yourself as a solo contestant in the festival.


Entry Form for Teachers & Parents

Use this form if you are a teacher or parent entering one or more contestants.

Entry Form for Groups and Duets

Use this form if you are entering as a group or duet.


If you would like to post your entry rather than enter online, then please print and fill out our physical form instead:

2019 Printable Entry Form