Festival Information

Marking Scheme

This is the marking scheme that is used in the Hornsea Music Festival.

This scheme has been agreed by the Federation and the adjudicators and is now standardised throughout the country.

 Score  Grade
 75 - 77  Fair
 78 - 80  Moderate
 81 - 83  Merit
 84 - 86  Commended
 87 - 89  Distinction
 90+  Outstanding

Before entering please read through the festival rules.


The Hornsea Music Festival will be using the four following venues:

Centre 4
Hornsea Methodist Church Hall, Newbegin

Centre 5
United Reformed Church, New Road/Cliff Road corner

Centre 6
Hornsea Floral Hall, Esplanade

Centre 7
Hornsea Parish Hall, Newbegin

Centre 8
St Nicholas Church, Newbegin

You can find markers for them on the map to the right.




One of the aims of the Festival Movement is to encourage both young people and adults to perform in public. There is a difference between performing and entering an examination.  Hornsea Music Festival would like to encourage a measure of platform etiquette to enhance the good standard of performance.  This would include a short announcement of the title and composer of the piece they are about to perform and a slight bow to the audience at its conclusion to acknowledge the applause.

The announcing part would not be necessary where pieces are set.  Would the teachers please guide their pupils according to their age and self-confidence.  It is felt that this behaviour will help the performers to be proud of their achievements and gradually to develop more of a rapport with their audience.