Welcome to the Hornsea Music Festival website!

The Hornsea Music Festival is held once a year in the lovely seaside town of Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

All are welcome to visit the festival and listen to performers throughout its duration.
Tickets are available at the door in any of the venues.

Taken part in the 2017 festival?

Thanks for taking part! Take a look at the gallery section if you would like to retrieve your photos. We also have a list of class winners for reference.

Want to take part in 2018's festival?

Our syllabus for 2018 will be available later in the year. Please check back to see it. Here's last year's for reference purposes:



Want to help?

During the festival things can get a bit hectic and we need all the help we can get.
If you would like to help us out (there are many different roles!), please get in touch with one of our committee members.

Alternatively, we do now have a donation option through PayPal, which you can access below. All the proceeds go directly to the festival, and are very much appreciated!

If a donation of £5 or greater is given, you will be sent a free souvenir DVD of last year's Celebration Concert, in which the best contenders from 2016's festival put on their best performances. The DVD is professionally produced with superb audio and video quality - you won't be disappointed! To receive it, simply send your address details to our chairman Keith Robinson (keith.robinson@phonecoop.coop), who will get it sent out to you.

Celebration Concert Promo

As the festival is a charity and wouldn't exist without the voluntary efforts of all involved, we would just like to give a huge THANK YOU to those who give up their time to make the festival happen!


In Memoriam


It is with great sadness that we report the death last week of Mr Maxwell Bird, one of the longest-standing members and a Vice-President of Hornsea Music Festival Society. Not only has he been a valued supporter and a part of the organisation team, but he was a regular entrant in the German Lieder Class in which he played the piano part with Miss Diane Midgley singing the voice part. They were due to perform again this year but, tragically, he succumbed to cancer after a short period of illness and then, thankfully - Diane informs us, he passed away peacefully.


There will not be a funeral as he has donated his body to scientific research, but we believe there will be a Quaker meeting at some time to honour him and to celebrate his life.